Alternately described as dream pop, dark ambient and shoegaze, the hypnotic alternative rock of Blind Divine conjures a heady atmosphere in which baroque structures, sonic textures, melancholic vocals and personal lyrics combine to evoke webs of emotional connections. --Gene Armstrong, Weekly

Amelia Poe (Crystal Radio) and Daniel Martin Diaz (Crystal Radio) are joined by guitarist and son, Damian Diaz and veteran Tucson musicians and husband-wife power team Amy Muñoz Mendoza (Amy Mendoza Band, Sugar Stains) and E.E. Mendoza (Amy Mendoza Band, Sidewinders, Luminarios). They have been performing together in Arizona for three years and have performed at SXSW in Austin, TX in 2012.

Founded in the 90's, by vocalist and writer, Amelia Poe (aka Paula Catherine Valencia) and guitarist and pianist, Daniel Martin Diaz, Blind Divine has released ten albums and two box sets since 2005. The most recent release, The One Hundred, is a box set of one hundred previously unreleased tracks, including collaborations with Tucson musicians such as Michael Glidewell (Black Sun Ensemble, Luminarios) and Joey Burns (Calexico).

Their music has been licensed for film and television by clients such as MTV, VH1, A&E, and many more. It appears in feature films and soundtracks such as Clive Barker’s Midnight Meat Train, Stephen Savage’s LegacyTaking Lives DVD with Angelina Jolie, Emmy-Award winning director Barbara Schroeder’s documentary Talhotblond, the original score for Harold Brodie’s award-winning New Zealand film, Orphans and Angels, and the track Sometime Soon appears on the VH1's Rock Autism PSA, which features Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tommy Lee, KISS, and more.

Past Members: Michael Glidewell, Guitar, Bass, Daniel Esparza, Drums, Jacob Stevens, Bass, Amril Fladoos, Drums

Live at Historic Rialto Theatre, Tucson, AZ

Client List: MTV, VH1, A&E, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Biography Channel, Disney Channel, Sony Pictures, CMTV, Soap Network, Weather Channel, Travel Channel, Style Network, Comedy Central, Noggin, Logo, E!, WETV, Animal Planet, National Geographic, The Learning Channel, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, BBC, Bravo, Spike TV, Discovery Health Channel, Big Fish Entertainment, Venture Three, DRATFCB, Net Pickle, Inc., YES Network, and Lakeshore Records.


Blind Divine's track Haunted Wonders is featured on the MSNBC premier of the trailer for the Barbara Schroeder award winning documentary Talhotblond. Based on a true story.

Blind Divine's music appears on the Clive Barker feature film The Midnight Meat Train Original Motion Picture Soundtrack released by Lakeshore Records starring Bradley Cooper, Leslie Bibb, Brooke Shields, and Vinnie Jones. 


Blind Divine's music appears on the feature film TAKING LIVES DVD starring Angelina Jolie, Ethan Hawke, Kiefer Sutherland, Gena Rowlands.


Blind Divine composed the original score for the award-winning full-length feature film Orphans and Angels. This chilling art-house suspense drama was filmed on location in New Zealand by writer and director Harold Brodie.

Full Licensing List:
MTV - Britney's First
MTV - Date My Mom: Episode 310
MTV - Diary Of Angelina Jolie & Dr. Jeffrey Sachs In Africa
MTV - Direct Effect: Episodes 1221, 1226, 1230
MTV - Exiled: Nowhere To Run
MTV - Exiled: Real Deal: Cher Panama
MTV - Fake ID Club: Episode 5
MTV - India, Hero Honda Roadies
MTV - India, Ishq Deewane
MTV - Indonesia, Rumah Gue: Episodes 35,37
MTV - Latin America, Top 20
MTV - Little Talent Show: Episode 112
MTV - Made: Boxer
MTV - Made: Geek To Chic
MTV - Made: Homecoming King
MTV - Made: Rocker
MTV - MHD, Uncompressed, VJ Hits: Episodes 5, 6, 12
MTV - MTV's New Year Of Music
MTV - Pimp My Ride
MTV - Real World
MTV - Room Raiders
MTV - Scarred: Scarred Live
MTV - Scarred: Divine Lite
MTV - Scarred: Power Struggle
MTV - Scarred: Worst Of The Worst
MTV - Staying Alive: Travis McCoy's Unbeaten Track
MTV - Seven: Episode 24
MTV - Shop MTV: Crush...Interrupted
MTV - The CollegeHumor Show: Rival Site
MTV - Trick It Out: Episodes 105,107
MTV - True Life: I Don't Fit In
MTV - True Life: I Have A Husband In Iraq
MTV - True Life: I'm Looking for My Father
MTV - True Life: I'm Celibate
MTV - True Life: I Panic
MTV - True Life: I Live On The Edge
MTV - True Life: I Have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
MTV Canada - Over The Bolts: Episode 109
MTV Canada - Sex, News & Rock n' Roll
VH1 - 100 Greatest Teen Stars
VH1 - Acceptable TV: Episodes 101,102
VH1 - Behind The Music: Courtney Love
VH1 - Best Week Ever: Episodes 212, 708, 801
VH1 - Box Set: John Mayer
VH1 - Breaking Bonaduce: Episode 105
VH1 - Bridal Bootcamp: Episode 101
VH1 - Celebrity Rehab With Dr Drew: Episodes 102-110, 302-304, 306, 401, 403
VH1 - Driven: Eve
VH1 - Driven: Green Day
VH1 - Driven: Jessica Simpson
VH1 - Driven: Paula Abdul
VH1 - Made: Rocker
VH1 - Michael Jackson Special
VH1 - NWA: The World's Most Dangerous Group
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VH1 - VH1 News Presents: Michael Jackson's Secret Childhood
VH1 Classic - Rock Autism PSA
VH1 Classic - Sex: The Revolution
A&E - American Justice: Palm Beach Law
A&E - Biography: Amy Winehouse
A&E - Biography: Caroline Kennedy
A&E - Biography: Christina Onassis
A&E - Biography: Eminem
A&E - Biography: Metallica
A&E - Biography: Mickey Rooney
A&E - Biography: Robert Deniro
A&E - Biography: Stevie Wonder
A&E - Biography: Tom Cruise
A&E - Biography: Tragic Side Of Comedy
A&E - Biography: Warren Buffet
A&E - Cities Of The Underworld: Barbarian's Lair
A&E - Cities Of The Underworld: City Of Blood
A&E - Cities Of The Underworld: Gladiator Blood Sport
A&E - Cities Of The Underworld: Gods Of War
A&E - Cities Of The Underworld: Hitler's Trenches
A&E - Cities Of The Underworld: Land Of Manson
A&E - Cities Of The Underworld: Real Mafia Underground
A&E - Cities Of The Underworld: Secret Sin City
A&E - Cities Of The Underworld: Tomb Of The Lost Mummies
A&E - Cities Of The Underworld: Tunnels Of Hell
A&E - Cities Of The Underworld: Under The Rock
A&E - Close: Gerald Ford
A&E - Close: Vladimir Putin
A&E - Fame And Recovery
A&E - Final Days
A&E - First Ladies
A&E - Heir Apparent
A&E - Kissteria
A&E - Meth In The City
A&E - Save Our History: Gold Rush
A&E - The History Of The Holidays: Easter
A&E - The Secret Life Of Vampires
A&E - The Sopranos: A&E Insider, The Fans
A&E - UFO's: Pacific Bermuda Triangle
A&E - Writers: Sylvia Plath
Animal Planet - Cheetah, Race Against Time
Animal Planet - Miami Animal Police: Battle to Live
Animal Planet - Miami Animal Police: Toughest Cruelty Cases
Animal Planet - Most Outrageous: Odd Looking Pets
Animal Planet - Pet Psychic Encounters: Pilot
Animal Planet - Underdog To Wonderdog: Amazing Chase
Animal Planet - Underdog To Wonderdog: Bella
Animal Planet - Underdog To Wonderdog: Dog Phobia
Animal Planet - Underdog To Wonderdog: Sam
Animal Planet - Underdog To Wonderdog: Venus
Animal Planet - Underdog To Wonderdog: You Gotta Have Faith
APRA Austrailia - Secret Millionaire UK
APRA New Zealand - Shipwrecked: The Third Island
BAFTA - British Academy Television Awards
BAFTA - Skins
BBC Four - Living With Modernism
BBC Four - Living With The Future: Drop House
Big Fish Entertainment - Wild
Bravo - 100 Funniest Movies
Bravo - Flipping Out: Episodes 103,104, 206, 302, 307
Bravo - Flipping Out: Looks like New
Bravo - Flipping Out: Tapped Out
Bravo - Flipping Out: Season 1 Average
Bravo - Flipping Out: Season 2 Average
Bravo - Scarier Movie Moments
CBS - InTurn TV Special
CBS - InTurn 2, Episode 7
Channel 5 UK - Brighton Beach Patrol
Channel 4 UK - Location Location Location
Channel 4 UK - Relocation Relocation Relocation
Channel 4 UK - Shipwrecked: Battle Of The Islands 2008
Channel 4 UK, Finland - Secret Millionaire: Caroline Marsh
Channel 4 UK, Finland - Secret Millionaire: John Elliott
Channel 4 UK, Sweden - Secret Millionaire III: James Benamor
Chiller - 30 Even Scarier Movie Moments
CMTV - Danger Coast: Episode 103
CMTV - Gone Country: Episode 106
CMTV - Greatest Miss America Moments
CMTV - Most Shocking: College Sports Scandals
CMTV - Popularity Contest: Episode 108
Comedy Central - Showbiz With David Spade: Episode 310
Comedy Central - Roast Of Joan Rivers
Court TV - Al Roker Investigates: Innocence For Sale
Court TV - Under Fire
Discovery - Angels vs Demons: Fact Or Fiction
Discovery - Ashley Judd and Youth AIDS: Confronting the Pandemic
Discovery - Astronaut Scorned: The Lisa Nowak Story
Discovery - Children Of Waco
Discovery - Conspiracy Files: CIA Mind Control
Discovery - Conspiracy Files: Mystery At Roswell
Discovery - Conspiracy Files: The JFK Assassination
Discovery - Extreme Engineering: Venice Flood Gates
Discovery - Flight 175: As The World Watched
Discovery - Lived To Tell: Mount St. Helen's Erupts 1980
Discovery - Lived To Tell: San Francisco Earthquake
Discovery - Living On The Down Low
Discovery - One Step Beyond
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Discovery - The Bourdain Experience: From Mao To Now
Discovery - Yearbook: 1968
Discovery - Yearbook: 1973
Discovery - Yearbook: 1978
Discovery HD - Chasing Classic Cars: Ferrari
Discovery HD - Chasing Classic Cars: Going Platinum
Discovery HD - Chasing Classic Cars: Muntz Jet
Discovery HD - Mutual Of Omaha's Wild Kingdom: Cheetah, Race Against Time
ID Discovery - Heaven's Gate: The Definitive Story
Discovery Espanol - Samantha Brown Passport: Savannah/Charleston
Discovery Health Channel - Shalom In The Home: Schwartz Family
Discovery Health Channel - Shalom In The Home: Herron Family
Discovery Health Channel - Shalom In The Home: Maxwell Family
Discovery Health Channel - Strictly Sex With Dr. Drew
Discovery Health Channel - The Critical Hour: Attack by City Violence
Discovery Health Channel - The Critical Hour: Crash Out Victims
Discovery Health Channel - The Critical Hour: Night Game Nightmares
Discovery Health Channel - The Critical Hour: Nine Miles of Chaos
Discovery Health Channel - The Critical Hour: Shattered Worlds
Discovery Health Channel - The Critical Hour: Times of Terror
Discovery Health Channel - The Critical Hour: To Live or Die
Discovery Health Channel - The Critical Hour: Too Young To Let Go
Disney - Popular Season 2 DVD
DRAFTFCB - Health Care New York
E! - Gastineau Girls: Episode 209
E! - True Hollywood Story: The Osbournes
Green Channel - Kill It Skin It Wear It
Green Channel - Total Wrecklamation: Frozen In Time
Green Channel - Total Wrecklamation: Little Jodi That Could
Halogen TV - Angry Planet: Timbuktu, Birthplace of Hurricanes
Herzog - Taking Lives DVD
History Channel - History Of Hell: The Devil's Domain
History Channel - History's Mysteries: Lost Worlds
History Channel - History's Mysteries: Miracles, Mystics, and Prophecies
History Channel - Last Stand Of The 300
History Channel - Maneaters: Lions
History Channel - Mysteries Of The Bermuda Triangle
History Channel - The Beltway Unbuckled
History Channel - The Writers: Bram Stoker
History Channel - The Writers: Dostoyevsky
History Channel - The Writers: Sylvia Plath
History Channel - UFO Files: Pacific Bermuda Triangle
History Channel - Vampire Secrets
History Channel - Washington's Generals: Benedict Arnold
History Channel - Washington's Generals: Nathanael Greene
History International - Earth 2100
History International - Lost Worlds: Stalin's Supercity
Hot Pursuit - Need For Speed: The Cars
Lakeshore Records - The Midnight Meat Train Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Clive Barker
Living TV UK - Get A Life: EP Series 1
Logo - Be Real
Logo - Curl Girls: Episode 101
Logo - Coming Out Stories: Hip Hop Ready To Drop
Logo - First Comes Love: Joa And Denis
Logo - First Comes Love: Lane And Mike
Logo - First Comes Love: Thomas And Juan
Logo - Out 100
Logo - Real Momentum: Out On The Job
Logo - The Advocate Newsmagazine: Edition Two
MSNBC - Catastrophe: Northridge Earthquake
MSNBC - Talhotblond - Born To Be: Kesha
MuchMoreMusic, Canada - Listed: 20 Artists Too Cool For School
Much Music/Much Talks, Canada - Chris Brown And Rihanna
National Geographic Channel - Explorer: Swarms!
National Geographic Channel - Explorer: Swarms Hour 1
National Geographic Channel - Lockup Down Under
National Geographic Channel - Odyssey Marine Exploration
National Geographic Channel - The Hunt For Lincoln's Assassin
NBC - Maximum Disclosure: Eating Disorders
Net Pickle, Inc. -
Nickelodeon - Myths And Legends: Film Frights And Red Scares
Nickelodeon - Splash TV
Noggin - Degrassi's 40 Most Go-Therest Moments: Episode 4
OLN Canada - Ride Guide: Snow
OWN - The Oprah Winfrey Show: Oprah's Search for The World's Most Talented Kids
PBS - Circus: One Ring Family
PBS - History Detectives: Amelia Earhart Plane
PBS - History Detectives: Black Tom Shell
PBS - History Detectives: Chicago Clock
PBS - History Detectives: China Marine Jacket
PBS - History Detectives: Clara Barton Letter
PBS - History Detectives: Hindenburg Artifact
PBS - History Detectives: Hindenburg Artifact Bonus
PBS - History Detectives: John Adams Book
PBS - History Detectives: Lauste Film Clip
PBS - History Detectives: Manhattan Project
PBS - History Detectives: PsychoPhone
PBS - History Detectives: Slave Song Book
PBS - History Detectives: Space Exploration
PBS - History Detectives: St Valentine's Day Massacre
PBS - History Detectives: Tokyo Rose Recording
PBS - Nature: Kilauea, Mountain Of Fire
PBS - Quest: Episode 201
PBS - Wired Science: Earth: Icy Depths
Si TV - Model Latina: Be Kind Rewind
Si TV - Model Latina: Brand Me
Soap Network - Soapography: Episodes 13,16,17
Showcase - Webdreams: Episodes 2014, 3013
Sony Pictures - Safari Tracks: Dogs Of Africa
Spike TV - Captain Morgan's Halloween
Spike TV - Roadies 2: Episodes 19, 25
Style Network - Clean House: David Allan Grier's Family
Style Network - Clean House: The Allison Family
Style Network - Clean House: The Cohen Family
Style Network - Clean House: The Welch Family
Titan Television - Sweden, Norway, Singelco
Titan Television - Sweden, Norway, Prinsar
TLC - 10 Years Younger
TLC - 99 Most Bizarre: Crimes
TLC - 99 Most Bizarre: Medical Mistakes
TLC - 99 Most Bizarre: Self-Inflicted Injuries
TLC - 99 Most Bizarre: Sleepwalking Misadventures
TLC - 99 Most Bizarre: Surgical Screwups
TLC - 99 Most Bizarre: Survival Stories
TLC - Astronaut Scorned: The Lisa Nowak Story
TLC - Flight 175: As the World Watched
TLC - Texas Cheerleaders: Lone Star
TLC - Town Haul: Home Sweet Home
TLC - Town Haul: Mile High
TLC - Town Haul: Moving On
TLC - Town Haul: New Beginnings
TLC - Town Haul: Summer Lawns
Travel Channel - 5 Takes Europe: Washington DC
Travel Channel - 1000 Places To See Before You Die: Italy
Travel Channel - America's Scariest Halloween Attractions
Travel Channel - Angry Planet: African Hellhole
Travel Channel - Angry Planet: Blizzard
Travel Channel - Angry Planet: Iceland - Fire & Ice
Travel Channel - Angry Planet: Island Caving
Travel Channel - Angry Planet: Java - Land Of Fire
Travel Channel - Anthony Bourdain No Reservations: China From Mao To Now
Travel Channel - Extreme Towns
Travel Channel - Man v. Food: Carnivore Volume 1
Travel Channel - Man v. Food: Columbus
Travel Channel - Most Terrifying Places In America 2
TruTV - Disorder In The Court: Episode 3
Venture Three - Brand Recognition
Weather Channel - Full Force Nature: Episode 103, 105
WETV - Amazing Wedding Cakes: Elegant Monkeys/Sports/Individual
WETV - Amazing Wedding Cakes: Renaissance/Quilted/Lavender
WETV - Amazing Wedding Cakes: Skull/Butterfly/Green
WETV - Secret Lives Of Women: Child Brides
WETV - Unwrapping Macy's: Episode 107
WGN - American Idol Rewind: Episode 318
YES Network - Ultimate Road Trip

... and many more.




Live at Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix, AZ 

Live recording session at Sacred Machine

Anomalies Welcome
By Gene Armstrong, Tucson Weekly

Alternately described as dream pop, dark ambient and shoegaze, the hypnotic alternative rock of Blind Divine conjures a heady atmosphere in which baroque structures, sonic textures, melancholic vocals and personal lyrics combine to evoke webs of emotional connections.

"It's almost like a landscape in your head," says singer Amelia Poe, addressing the goal of Blind Divine's music. "You paint certain pictures in your mind with what you are hearing, and each time you hear the music again, different parts of that landscape are filled in. And that returns you to those feelings you had when you first heard it."

Poe and her songwriting partner, DMD, embody the cornerstone of Blind Divine, which since 2005 has released six full-length CDs, all through Mysticus Publishing, their independent label.

The pair also has made hours and hours of unreleased recordings and seen its songs appear on multi-artist compilations. Blind Divine's music is also regularly licensed for use in TV shows and movies, and on a variety of cable networks—all of which makes sense, considering how cinematic the band's music feels.

In addition to playing in Blind Divine, DMD is a well-respected, self-taught artist who paints in oil on wood and creates etchings, wood-block prints and stone lithographs. His style combines the influences of traditional European art, Spanish colonial, surrealism and postmodernism. Music fans may have seen his commissioned works on the covers of albums by P.O.D. and Good Charlotte.

Many of the group's earliest recordings—on rough, eight-track cassettes—remain unreleased, but DMD would like to see some of that material made available.

"There's something nostalgic about tape hiss," he says. "It kind of makes the music more earthy, because music's so pristine today. It's nice to hear those artifacts in the music."

Blind Divine don't mind leaving the occasional atmospheric flaws in their music, which they create in a home studio.

"The way we record is so natural," Poe says. "A lot of times, we don't overdub, and when we write, we sometimes just keep the first take, whatever it is, whether there's a little bit of hiss or a cricket in the background. If the vibe's there, we keep it."

Adds DMD, "There's a strange atmosphere that's created when anomalies are left in there."

Among the musical artists DMD and Poe appreciate is electronic- and ambient-music pioneer Brian Eno, who often has spoken of music creating an environment. And Blind Divine's performances are dramatic, transformative presentations, putting the performance back into rock.

"In our live show, we want to create an environment that envelopes people with the lights and the fog," Poe says. "There's a mystery to the ambience and the music. It's meant to set a mood. It's almost like everyone in the audience is in the performance with you. It's almost like you're not just singing to people; they're in the moment with you."

Some listeners may find it surprising that the mature-sounding lead guitarist in Blind Divine—the practitioner of a style that elides Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine—is DMD and Poe's 18-year-son, Damian.

About a year and a half ago, Damian replaced Michael Glidewell, a former member of Black Sun Ensemble, who had played with Blind Divine for several years before other responsibilities called him away. Following Glidewell's departure, the couple turned to their son, who grew up playing music and observing his parents do the same.

"It was hard for us to find a guitar-player with Mike's style, because he was really ambient and really into sound effects and textures with the guitar," the elder DMD says.

Valencia recalls that they originally hired their son for a one-time gig. "We had booked Club Crawl and kept auditioning these guitar-players and couldn't find the right one, so we asked Damian to sit in for this one show. He learned the material in one night. After that, our drummer said, 'If you fire Damian, I quit.'"

His parents are well aware that Damian—who also plays drums, bass and piano—would eventually like to start his own band. In addition to playing in Blind Divine, he plays for fun with other musicians his own age.

"But I think he sees the difference between playing with people who have been playing a long time, and just fooling around with his friends," Poe says. "And he is writing all the time. He writes music on his phone, actually; he writes full songs on his Droid!"

DMD says a couple of the tunes his son has written are ready for release and probably will be included on the next Blind Divine album, Slow in Obeying an Order.

Live at Club Congress

Live at Historic Rialto Theatre